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Why Sell Disability Insurance?

Disability insurance should be an integral part of every client's portfolio or financial plan. With compensation schedules like no other product, selling disability insurance can also be very profitable.
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Disability Insurance Plan Details

The most fundamental tactic to selling disability insurance is that it replaces lost income in the event of injury or illness. Disability insurance will help clients pay bills and maintain their lifestyle when they need it most. The most critical decisions a client needs to make when purchasing disability insurance are:
  • The monthly benefit – This is expressed as a specific dollar amount, not as a percentage of income.
  • The benefit period – the length of time benefits can be received. 2 years, 5 years, 10 years and to age 67 are common benefit periods.
  • The elimination/waiting period – the length of time an insured must first be disabled before qualifying for benefits. 90 days is the most common waiting period purchased.

Disability Insurance Sales Topics