Guaranteed Standard Issue

Think different. Sell DI.


Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) individual disability insurance is an income protection approach geared for groups, businesses, organizations, etc. GSI disability insurance is an easy product to sell because it’s easy and affordable. As an insurance agent, you’re able to offer clients the same great individual disability income protection products with NO financial or medical underwriting and discounted group pricing.

Guaranteed Standard Issue Disability Insurance Facts

  • GSI coverage is only available for 2+ individuals with a common employer/employee relationshipss
  • GSI offers always have a required participation percentage
  • Employer paid GSI requires 100% participation by all eligible employees
  • Voluntary GSI cases normally require at least 30% participation

Potential GSI Markets

  • Accounting firms
  • Law firms
  • Advertising firms
  • Website and computer programmers
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Employee leasing companies
  • Some medical groups

GSI cases tend to be larger and sometimes administratively more complicated. This is where we dibrokerWest can help! We have years of experience in developing cases and solicitation plans that will help you get the clients. Sending out fliers or e-mails has been done and it doesn't work. We’re ready to help you identify potential clients, properly plan and execute a solicitation and electronically enroll and manage your clients.
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