Getting Started with The Sales and Underwriting Process

Think different. Sell DI.


Disability Insurance is underwritten fairly, but can take time and is rigorous. Establishing the right expectations with your client up-front, will make for a much less stressful process. You can expect the carriers to do a thorough and complete job of underwriting, to include collecting doctor's reports and requiring income documentation. Expect the best possible underwriting decisions if there are no surprises. Here are 8 steps to easier underwriting.

1 - Fact Gathering - be as complete as possible.

  • Client Name a unique ID helps identify the proposed insured.
  • Date of Birth versus age, some carriers use age last, some age nearest.
  • Tobacco use all use, chewing, cigars, nicotine gum or patches or other use.
  • Gender rates for females tend to be higher than those for males.
  • Occupation/Duties be as specific as possible, for physicians provide specialty.
  • Net Income This is net income after expenses, but before taxes. Proof of income is required.
  • State of Residence you must be licensed in the state the application is signed in.
  • Medical History All medical history will be considered, do not omit medical history.
  • Medications most carriers now do a prescription check on applicants.

2 - Request Proposal

3 - Carrier Appointment

  • Complete Carrier appointment - Verify your state is not a pre-appointment state; if not then this may be completed with the submission of your first application for that carrier.

4 - Present the Proposal

  • Utilize our Library of sales tools and product presentations and ideas to help present your client's proposal.

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5 - Take the Application

  • Complete the application - verify all questions are answered completely.
  • Get Income Documentation - generally if your client is W-2'd, then a current pay stub, or last year's W-2 will suffice.If they are a business owner, then 2 years of their full tax returns are likely necessary for underwriting.
  • Schedule Teleapp (if necessary) - You should utilize the teleapp process whenever possible. Teleapps reduce the underwriting time and will improve your placement rates.
  • Schedule Paramedical - dibrokerWest is happy to do this for you, but if you are coordinating with other insurance or have a service you prefer to use, please let us know that you have already ordered the exam.

6 - Underwriting

7 - Policy Issued/Delivered

  • Policy e-Delivered - we use e-delivery whenever possible.

  • Policy Delivery Receipt - you'll receive a policy delivery receipt.

  • Signed Amendments - be sure to get any amendments signed and returned.

  • Pay Premium - pay any premiums that are due to place the policy in-force.

8 - Commission Check Issued

  • Your commissions will come direct from the Insurance Company. Most carriers allow for direct deposit which is the quickest method for receiving your commissions.