Personalized Disability Insurance Guidance

Think different. Sell DI.

You work hard to build comprehensive insurance portfolios for your clients. However, it’s possible that you’ve overlooked disability insurance, including the potential commissions from selling DI. Our diCoaches – who average more than 15 years in the industry – are experts in disability insurance and will help you find the best products for your clients. With extensive product knowledge, our diCoaches offer agents personalized, one-on-one guidance to design cases that meet all of your clients’ needs. We want to ensure your clients receive the best possible solution.

One-on-One Disability Insurance Coaching and Support

Our diCoaches are available to help agents throughout the sales process:

Pre Sale

  • Process new business and submit quote requests online
  • Pre-qualifying your clients
  • Discovering the right carriers and products to meet your clients needs
  • Marketing and identifying cross-selling opportunities
  • Help with the point of sale presentation for your clients

Post Sale

  • Managing the underwriting process
  • Servicing policies relating and identifying cross-selling opportunities
  • Underwriting and issue procedures
  • Weekly status updates emailed to you on cases in underwriting

Impartial to Disability Insurance Carriers

Our diCoaches impartially survey multiple carriers, pre-qualify unique risks and know how to position your case with an underwriter – providing solutions that best fit your client’s needs. diCoaches support will help you win cases you might have lost. They can help with every step of the pre-sale process.

Call to ask for help submitting a quote request online, pre-qualifying your client or help understanding your choice of carriers and products. We’re standing by, to move you forward.